Credits by platform: PlayStation (1617 games), PlayStation 2 (95 games), PSP (50 games), PS Vita (12 games), Mega Drive (256 games), Mega CD (81 games), Super 32X (10 games), Saturn (555 games), Dreamcast (265 games), Nintendo 64 (48 games), GameCube (1 game), Wii (24 games), Game Boy Advance (42 games), Nintendo DS (30 games), Xbox (16 games), Xbox 360 (9 games), PC88 (26 games), PC98 (89 games), PC Engine (473 games), PC-FX (41 games), WonderSwan (52 games), 3DO (27 games), LaserActive (10 games), Windows (14 games)

Last update: September 23, 2018

Here you will find (part of) my personal collection of game credits. All images were either taken by me, capped from public videos posted on either Youtube or Nico Nico Douga, or taken from the game ending archives at VG Museum, MAMEnd, GamEnd, or 2chan's game completion projects. In a few cases, images were supplied directly by someone other than myself (big thanks to Rey and Oleg!).

Many of these images have been sitting on my hard drive for years, so I can't give any individual credit for specific games, but many thanks to anyone who has posted source material that I've used for this archive, whoever you may be. :)

This archive is primarily maintained on behalf of the Game Developer Research Institute, but anyone is free to reuse the information and images contained within for any purpose. Though I would prefer if you didn't just outright copy the entire archive and call it your own. ;) Inspired by the excellent Game Staff List website run by BGR. Updated sporadically. There may be an actual design here eventually, but for now enjoy text-only internets like it's 1996!